"The One That Talks Alot"

GreenCobrasGaming is a 27-year-old Let’s Player from Oklahoma. He started doing Let’s Plays way back in June of 2012 on a YouTube channel known as “Videoboy2531”. His aspirations of Let’s Playing came from multiple YouTubers. Up until December 2013, he uploaded Let’s Plays on his Videoboy2531 channel. That same month, Cobra decided to start fresh on a brand new channel known as “GreenCobrasGaming”. Cobra recorded his videos using a video camera and tripod until purchasing an Elgato capture card in June 2014.

On his Videoboy2531 channel, he had 4 Let’s Plays going at once when he decided to start over. Now, he only does 3 Let’s Plays at a time at most! A few months after buying his new capture card, he met L8RG8R2U during his Super Mario Galaxy 2 Let’s Play. Since then, Cobra has done numerous videos with Gator and met the other members of G.A.M.E known as TheJamesRolls and Pancakearmorman.

All 4 members eventually created the collab channel in 2017, where Cobra has done Versus with Gator and Pancake as well as participating in the gaming discussions. He is also a commentator for the yearly seasons of the Gaming Gallery, where we discuss video game trivia. Cobra’s profile picture was created by The Otaku Artist (Kai), who is a friend and featured guest on G.A.M.E. Anyways, I am out. Wahhh!

Favorite Game: Sly Cooper and The Thievius Raccoonus • Favorite Collab: Sonic Forces Versus

Bio last updated in January 2024