Pancakearmorman (or Pancake for short) is an 19-year-old Let's Player from Washington State. Pancake is the youngest member of G.A.M.E and also the least experienced Let’s Player on the channel. Pancake was inspired to Let’s Play in 2012 after watching Chuggaaconroy’s Let’s Play of Pokémon Fire Red.

Pancakearmorman was launched on Christmas of 2014 and began his first Let’s Play in April of 2016. Pancake is mainly seen during discussions on G.A.M.E, but he hopes to change that soon. Currently, Pancake is hoping to grow out his channel. The name Pancakearmorman was chosen when Pancake was watching “Terminator 2” while eating pancakes, he noticed the Terminator’s appeared to be wearing armor.