James Allen Rolls Jr. is a 28-year-old internet personality best known for producing Let’s Play styled content since 2011 on YouTube under the username, “TheJamesRolls”. James’ duties at G.A.M.E include being the leading channel and social media manager as well as main editor for versus projects and discussions.

Before becoming a Let’s Player, he uploaded commentary/review shows for one of his favorite sports: professional wrestling, most notably the WWE. It was after watching popular YouTube Let’s Player “Chuggaaconroy” following a suggestion by his cousin Kyle that James fell in love with the concept of LPs, which began a transitioning period in James’ content in 2010.

Since that fateful moment, James has gone on to broaden his content with a copious amount of vlogs, multiple collaborations with family and friends plus a whole lot more. And that’s only just the beginning

Bio last updated in January 2021